Britney Spears cheated on Sam Asghari with a member of her family staff

Ideal Sam Asghariis still the husband of Britney SpearsThey believe the pop star was unfaithful to a member of his household staff.

Sources close to the former couple revealed to the TMZ portal that Sam Asgari has said that Britney Spears had a relationship with at least one male member of staff at her residence, and that the singer recorded a video from one of her house staff. Also asked to do. the one who appeared naked,

TMZ sources also indicated that Asghari claims that he has visual evidence that supports these claims, including photos of Britney and her staff member together in a compromising position.

According to reports, due to Spears’ alleged infidelity, Sam decided to permanently separate from the singer and I filed for divorce.

It has gone further that Irani intends to change the terms of the prenuptial agreement signed with the singer.,

Britney Spears, 41, and Sam Asghari, 29, began a romantic relationship in 2016 and are set to marry in Los Angeles in 2022.

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