‘Blue Beetle’, Mexican Spider-Man

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This August 18th, DC surprised us with their last film at the end of the summer: Blue Beetle. This new production, originally slated for its debut on the streaming platform, takes the leap with a proposition that purports to be innovative but arrives a few decades later. A film that has lots of action and lots of comedy but perhaps took copying idols too seriously.

Jaime Reyes, played by Xolo MaridueƱa (cobra kai), is a young man from a Mexican family who is devastated by all the economic and social problems faced by his expatriate family in the United States. Health problems, unemployment of all members of his family and an imminent challenge to the realities against which our hero collides upon his return to university. A series of “chances” lead Jaime to gain the powers of an alien mechanism in the form of a scarab. The evil director of a military technology and weapons company will attempt to usurp those powers. blue beetle The scene in Le Confire en Una is pretty hilarious. If it sounds familiar to us, it’s because we’ve seen something like it many times before.

The premise is good, but already obvious: A young man aspires to powers, but an evil entrepreneur tries to take them away. In fact, we have several Marvel movies competing with DC, such as iron Man (2008) or included Spider Man by Tom Holland. And if we keep on fizandonos, we might even get references poison (2018) or ant Man (2015). In short, a potpourri of some of the best Marvel movies that isn’t in competition anymore, and that’s why it can be released after 15 years.

Although this film considers itself innovative, it has already been expressed by others. The young-teenage protagonist who is searching for himself also finds interest in the girl he likes. A businessman who owns a military weapons company, but realizes that his work should serve society more than destroy it. these premises at that time iron Man resulted in the sprouting of a universe of its own, if it ever was one blue beetle One pizza comedy, one family and one Mexican culture.

This is where the film differs from most. The comedy, led by the family of Jaime Reyes, is very entertaining, dynamic and fresh. The homage to the Mexican culture, while the traditions, working spirit and family, are very well incorporated till the spirit is reached. The social inequalities and injustices of one barrio with others and the problem of emigration to the United States do not hinder action or adventure. They naturally get into more arguments. There is nothing for nothing and that’s why they say “forced inclusion”.

definitely yes blue beetle By resorting to an already expressed logic in the universe of superheroes, it emerges as a fresh and fun film. Mixing moments of humor as well as action and a reminder that family is what matters most, blue beetle Desires to place itself very high in the ranking of DC productions. And that’s something that could inspire the company to follow suit with this blue Scarab of Steel. I hold on to my seats because there are, in fact, two post-credits scenes and there are still many heroes to meet.


original title: blue beetle
Premiere: 18 August 2023
Duration: 127 min.
Country: We
Address: angel manuel soto
script: Gareth Dunnett-Alcoser
share: Xolo Mariduena, Bruna Marquezin, Belisa Escobedo, Jorge Lopez, Raul Trujillo, Susan Sarandon

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