Bad Bunny is robbed of love with his ‘cowgirl’: The video that confirms their relationship MUSIC

Fans can already hold their breath: bad bunny and kendall jenner Done Visa was very affectionate at a concert, Quotes in restaurants, photos in one place – not together – and others’robbery‘ Evolve those who are ‘celebrities’ Rumors that you are from estaban together emotionally,

The problem with fame is that you have a huge fan following who watch everything you do, even when you don’t want to. For this reason, network has been exploited with video where you can see the trapper and the model hug each othergiving each other Kiss and talking a lot, Very, foot prints At a Drake concert in California.

Rumor had it that Jenner was using Benito’s fame – Bad Bunny’s real name – to further his influence. de hecho, salio a la luz un Video de la pareja en un los lakers party, Which has been analyzed by many non-verbal language experts. The result didn’t bode well for the model, because in the clip, Bad Bunny seemed to have been overlooked by Kendall on several occasions. We can also see this on many occasions, she broke up while Benito talks to her. All this has revolutionized the network and, above all, among Puerto Rican fans who read insisted that I leave the relationship,

the kardashian curse

It is said that the fame of anyone belonging to this family, one of the most popular in the United States, can be affected in the long run because of these women. First it was Scott Disick, the priest of the Kardashians’ mayor’s children, who faced a great number of obstacles after being related to Kourtney. This is what happened with Kanye West and now, it seems the conspiracy has started affecting Puerto Ricans.

just now, benito has received a His former partner was fined 37 million euros. This is because Trapper allegedly used this woman’s voice in two of his themes: ‘Pa Ti’ and ‘Dos Mil 16’. We don’t know if this is due to the Kardashian curse, but let’s hope it doesn’t affect her professional career, which continues to conquer with subjects like ‘Titi asked me’ or ‘Where she goes’ – which Definitely Hai de las Genres – written with the majority in mind.

a secret relationship

Neither of them has confirmed anything, and we believe this will continue, so their privacy means a lot to both of them. We have to keep in mind that she is one of the most popular singers in the world, and she, one of the most relevant models in the industry and a member of the Kardashian family, prefers to keep the relationship a ‘secret’. They can affect speculation. Plus, as we know Cotilio charms them, we’ll keep you posted pending more news about this relationship to tell them so you don’t miss anything.

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