An international star is born: Bruna Marquezin

Accustomed to seeing Latin stars rise to the heights of fame in recent years, the film industry is now opening its doors to Brazilians. Born in Duque de Caxias in Rio de Janeiro, bruna marquezine The first national actress to shine as a heroine in a major production of Hollywood – more specifically Eddy, the studio that spawned Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. didn’t expect blue beetlefrom Puerto Rican angel manuel sotoshe makes a romantic pairing with jaime reyes (Xolo Maridueña), the alter ego of the first Latino superhero to leave comic books and move to the screen.

To say that Bruna has had a stellar career would just be a cliché – if it weren’t pure truth. Bruna Reis Maia adopted the stage name in honor of her grandmother, who was of Italian descent, she made her TV debut in 2003 as Salette, the little girl in the telenovela. woman in love,

Later, as an adult, she appeared in serials like America it is save georgeto invest in roles in theater and cinema, until leaving TV in 2019.

came again Breaking Through: In the Rhythm of the Heart it is i’ll swim to you, who opened the doors to walk on new paths. in 2020, after Globewas hired by Netflix to star in the series maldives,

on the catwalk

Today, at 28, Bruna sees her international trajectory going well beyond the screen. Last year she was shown at the main events of the fashion world in Europe. At London Fashion Week, he stood out in a parade of traditional brands BURBERRY, catwalk in milan Prada it is Versace,

She never got a chance to model in Paris, but she still stole the show: her front row photos decked up head-to-toe Yves Saint Laurent gained more prominence than his peers.

In early 2023, Bruna made a move that will surely guarantee her many fruits in the years to come: she signed with Universal Talent Agency (UTA)A talent agency responsible for the careers of stars such as Johnny Depp, Harrison Ford and Charlize Theron. The fact that she was accepted into the Hollywood elite after a single film says a lot about how the world views her.

Brazilians on stage: Latino artists highlighted (Credits: Disclosure)

bruna won the role blue beetle Thanks to director Manuel Soto, who was decisive for her role as Jenny Kord, the niece of the villainous Victoria. susan sarandon,

The character reiterates his nationality on screen – that is, he is also Brazilian in the film – and he even had the right to include a sentence in Portuguese in the script. Her presence not only enriches Latino representation in the film, but also broadens the connection with American audiences.

And most importantly: Bruna does not appear in a bikini, sexy clothes or any other stereotype that many Latinas have to accept in order to climb abroad. Bruna is seen only in plain clothes, with no neckline or legs showing.

blue beetle This is an important moment for Latino representation in Hollywood. It is nothing new that the film industry tries to get closer to the international public, either through more sympathetic storylines, or by casting actors from the most relevant markets.

So, Bruna’s choice isn’t a favor — it’s all part of that plan. This is the same concept that includes Korean Jennie from Blackpink in the series. statuefrom HBO, and features Park Seo Joon MiracleWith Brie Larson. South Korea, like Brazil, became such an important country that it was no longer treated as just a supporting player.

Sonia Braga, Leading

Sonia Braga: an open door for her Brazilian colleagues (Credits: Disclosure)

With the exception of Carmen Miranda, who pursued a career in Brazil but was Portuguese, the trajectory of Brazilian actresses in Hollywood began with iconic interpretations. Sonia Braga In the movie kiss of the spider womanDirected by Hector Babenko in 1985.

Talented and versatile, she played Leni Lamison, an alluring and mysterious woman. Her critically acclaimed performance enthralled audiences around the world and opened the door for other Brazilian women to follow in her footsteps.

names like morena baccarin, Alice Braga it is adriana barraza Has excelled in successful movies and series. Morena Baccarin rose to prominence in the productions with her beauty and charisma dead pool it is Gotham,

Meanwhile, Sonia’s niece Alice Braga is also gaining prominence in films outside Brazil. Nandan, i am legend it is hypnoticamong others.

There are names that are popping up on streaming as well, thanks to the opportunities offered by the boom in series: Actresses and singers camila mendes Won the hearts of the audience in the popular series Riverdale, The road to success hasn’t been easy, but the Brazilian is doing well.

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