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There is a certain vision of the 80s of the last century in his musical and visual bet, to bet mainly on ballads that enhance his interpretive character, as in “battlefield‘, the penultimate version of the album, which is replaced by the closure in its entirety.


Betting on a personal and staging suitable for his live performances, birdie attack hard with this puck.

This is how the finished project appears after he listened to it before ‘raincoats‘, ‘heartthrob‘, ‘is yours weapon‘ or ‘Paradise call‘.

The disk is called Images (‘portraits‘), because, as he told us birdie Previously, it was about showing different moments of life and the analysis that he does. No wonder his experiences appear there: “A lot about relationships, and a lot about how I paint pictures from other people’s points of view and write through them. Many times I have written about things before they happened to me, which sounds very strange. I don’t know if I’m writing this and the situation is showing up because I wrote it, or if I somehow subconsciously know what’s going to happen.”

This is the message of an unsettling, finished artist, to say the least, inspired by the likes of the North American Patti Smith or British duo Eurythmics. Because as you understand birdie, his eye for other musicians like Prince, David Bowie, Madonna or Kate Bush is bigger than usual. All this with a clear gothic overtones, emphasizing his individuality.

list of topics

1. Paradise is calling

2. Raincoats

3. Ruins i

4. Your hands

5. Heartthrob

6. I wish I were a shooting star

7. Portraits

9. Ruins II

10. Automatic

11. Battlefield

12. Tears don’t fall

From here we can listen/see the whole new album

The key is to be bold and avant-garde to wrap up your innate melancholy.

Sources close to Birdy indicate that this is “His most confident album yet, Birdie sees Birdie taking a free leap into the unknown: his timeless songwriting style is now infused with a burst of fresh, exuberant energy, while ingenuity and eccentricity flourish. It is the sound of creativity entering a new world and breathtakingly finding its true voice.“.

In 2023, Birdie returns with her upcoming fifth studio album, opening a new chapter and signaling a change in direction following the release of her debut album.

At 27, Birdie has proven himself and is back.

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