After conquering Fornite, Ralph Lauren’s P-Wing boots appear in the real world.

just last winter Polo Ralph Lauren surprised fans of the famous video game with the exclusive launch of a digital collection for Fortnite, and while being able to dress up your avatar in a very fashionable way in P-Wing boots is fun, there is nothing better than doing it with yourself in the real world.

Luckily, the fashion house thinks the same way and decided to release a limited edition winter shoe model called Polo x Fortnite P-Wing ‘phygital’.

The physics model is inspired by the one we saw earlier in the Polo Stadium digital collection and accompanies the launch of an island created exclusively by and for the firm in the Fortnite universe.

Race to the Island of Greatness by Polo Ralph Lauren is available as of August 3rd in the video game and features a pony polo stage, as well as three unique topographies including Ralph’s plane hangar, rocky mountains, and large snowy forests.

Fusion of a fashion brand and a video game with high precision of details, such as a virtual boot exhibition.

Ralph Lauren-Polo-x-Fortnite-P-Wing
Photo: Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren’s P-Wing boots that jump from the digital world to the real world

As part of this new experience, the Polo Stadium Collection, introduced last November, will once again be available in the Fortnite Item Shop for a limited time, but the real highlight of this collaboration is the boots you can add to your collection in real time. world.

News Polo x Fortnite P-Wing ‘phygital’ It has a design completely inspired by the famous video game.

In addition to being a true physical version of the digital collection, it features a patterned body with unique hardware at the pivot point marked with the P-Wing logo.

The TPU fins on these winter boots are inspired by the original Digital Team’s jetpack from the Stadium Collection, highlighting EVA midsole with an absolutely sporty touch.

The design of the shoe is finished with unique lacing with Pony details and a Fortnite logo on the tongue.

When combined with black white and red details new boots Polo x Fortnite P-Wing ‘phygital’ They will make you feel like a real gamer as they accompany you on your real world adventures, filling your look with style.

Of course, you’d better run after them, because this limited edition is already available on at a price $250.

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