A boy suffering from a rare disease fulfills his dream of becoming a police officer

Comayagua, Honduras. 7 year old boy with strange disease which affects 100% of his skin, since he was born he has fulfilled one of his dreams: to be a police officer for a day.

Near Junior Fernando Bonillawho is currently in first grade. Small suffering from lamellar ichthyosisa genetic disease that appears in babies at birth and continues to affect them throughout their lives.

This disorder occurs when outer layer of skinthe epidermis is not normal and cannot protect the body like a normal epidermis.

childhood skin disease
A little boy fulfilled his dream of becoming a police officer after his story was shared on social media.

Through his social media, Honduran Rudy Mejia shared Junior’s story. The video shows how Eva Bonilla, the mother of the child, moisturizes his skin, because due to his condition, he does not have pores.

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It was in the video that the little boy said that his dream when he gets older, be a cop Consequently, Rudy asked the institution to cooperate in fulfilling the dream of a minor, and the answer was not long in coming.

The police granted his wish

Through their official social media platforms Honduran National Police He published the moment when little Junior’s dream came true, even if only for one day.

police officers assigned to Comayagua, took the little one to one of his stations and let him take pictures, accompany them on their work, and even greet uniformed officers.

“Everything is possible for those who believe Mark 9:23“, – quotes the Police in their publication. This gesture was welcomed by many Hondurans who are calling on the authorities to help Junior in his treatment.

childhood skin disease
The little boy was happy to have the opportunity to have an experience with the police.

junior needs treatment and an operation as he is bleeding from his eyes and in Honduras the doctors told him that nothing could be done so he had to go abroad.

If you want to help Junior, you can contact the phone number: 9638-6216.

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