♫ Ed Sheeran to premiere La Semana quien viene un adelanto de su nuevo album

Ed Sheeran Next week there will be a new song from the album set for release in autumn.

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singer’s latest album, ‘-‘(‘Reduce)’, It was revealed earlier this year, and there may be another one coming soon, though an official release date hasn’t been announced at the moment.

after telling “If El Otono Is Coming” In Instagram, Sheeran shared an informative parody (Teletienda) Onlinewho announced “bumper baskets” For next season.

Luego also shared a phone number (+1 917 909 4498)that plays a message “Gingerbread Man Records”, All baskets are said to be sold, but more will be stored August 24, This is logically a possible culmination of the release of a single or new music.

talking with Andy Cohen In SiriusXM Regarding the album, Sheeran has said:

“This is an album about autumn. I have no expectation from him”.

“The first was the album I was trying to make, and then succeeded ‘-‘ (‘Subtract’). That is how it ended during the last year”.

Ed Sheeran: Will British artist perform at 'Super Bowl 2022'?

In another part of the interview, Sheeran says that he has no plans to lead a midterm performance there. Super Bowl, at least in private.

just found out today killers the betting favorites to star in Super Bowl LVIII.

Speaking with Cohen in the same interview, Sheeran was asked if he would ever want to perform at the Super Bowl. Sheeran said:

“I had a conversation a while ago – I think it was when Coldplay finally worked out – about me playing ‘Thinking Out Loud’ and I think that’s the only way if I hook up with someone. “

Ed Sheeran performing with guitar on stage

Ed Sheeran continues to remember great performances of the past Prince, Michael Jackson, Katy Perry, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and The Weeknd as standard for these shows. And Ed looks comfortable with them.

“Like, all these amazing actors, I don’t know at all. I will not hire a dancer on the set. I’m not going to put artificial fire and blah, blah. Not just any puedo, this ain’t no soy yo. I don’t think anybody wants to see me do the Super Bowl.”

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