Will Percy Hines White Go In ‘Merlina 2’? that’s what we know

Percy Hines White plays Xavier Thorpe in ‘Merlina’. (Netflix)

in the matter of Percy Hines White Continue without solving. Since the recent controversy, fans are worried about what will happen ‘Merlina’ Season 2Who confirmed new episodes for the stage Netflix,

White’s character, Xavier Thorpe, starring Jenna Ortega, was fundamental to the plot of the first season of the series; However, everything seems to indicate that plans for the sequel may be changing, at least in terms of who.

What Happened To Xavier Thorpe’s Actor Percy Hines White On ‘Merlina’?

Percy Hines Whitewho gives life to Xavier Thorpe in the series based on the Addams family, I was publicly accused of sexual assault earlier this year, The allegations surfaced on social networks, where they were reported by various Twitter accounts and other platforms. Concealment of abuse, pedophilia and violations,

White and his group of friends were accused of organizing parties with the intent to get 14- to 16-year-olds drunk and sexually assault them. Facing this wave of criticism, fans of the series on Netflix started a campaign with the hashtag “#”.CancelPercyThere is a demand for his dismissal.

Percy Hines White
Percy Hines White claimed that the allegations were false. (Instagram @percy)

The 21-year-old actor vehemently denied the allegations months later and assured that they are completely false. However, Deactivated your account on Twitter and limited comments on your account on Instagram,

He said in a statement, “Someone I have never known has started a campaign of disinformation about me on the Internet. It has betrayed my family and threatened to kill my friends (…) The rumors are false. I cannot allow myself to be portrayed as intolerant or criminally negligent.

Although Netflix has not issued a direct statement on the allegations nor confirmed the removal of the character Xavier Thorpe from the series, TUDUM has refrained from including the actor in the promotion of the second season presented in 2023,

Even his scenes were excluded from the synopsis of the first delivery, despite the fact that his role was the most relevant to the plot.

When Will ‘Merlina’ Season 2 Premiere?

The Premiere Date For Season 2 Of ‘Merlina’ Hasn’t Been Established Yet, But It Is Known will come sometime in 2024, The first season, which was a huge success, is available to watch on Netflix.

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