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PRIMAT vs. Furious will be the Grand Final of the LoL Regional League South, and we’ll take a look at the main titles of the tournament before the clash. More information here!

Regionalliga South What riot game opened for the first time in its history to measure competitors South America the day will come to an end Saturday 26 August. super final Argentine teams will play PRIMAT And furious games V Technopolis, CABA. Now, before meeting the new champion, from computer culture we select the best professional players tournament.

For those who don’t know about the contest build, in the first half Riot Games 2023 published a new tournament system League of Legends. this is about Regional leagues And Duel of Champions.

To: Dee Dee, Enga and Vichun own Top 6 Players still Regionalliga South

What is the initiative about? mostly part North and South of Latin America must qualify for the final match between champion OSR 2023. This will be determined between Saprissa Esports and Fuego next August 19against the winner LRS 2023the position they are applying for PRIMATE and Furious Gaming from this side Latin America.

In the meantime, to conduct our review the best players in the regional league south we will rely on List of top players received by various participants throughout the event organized by riot game.

Concerning group stage tableThere is triple tie With Top 6 Players. On the one hand we have the Argentinean Aeneas Protti pseudonym deceived, midlaner from PRIMAT; and Chilean Nicholas Bravo member lower lane from furious games under label from Vichun. In addition, we have Mariano Masolini, better known as didi, who takes the lane middle For Scull.

As additional information, we should also highlight the work carried out Diego Ulloa Fuentes alias logplayer Falklands rebellion. player from Chilejust accumulated from 5 differences How professional player the best performance. Let’s remember that his team said goodbye to Regionalliga South V lower bracket semi-finals against. WAP.

Finally, 3 of 4 summoners the best performers are still alive in the competition. For now compound from PRIMAT For super final will consist of Buggax, Shookz, Enga, Kz and Bardito. On the other side, furious attendee will say Summoner’s Rift hand Wamuu, Camilonicolaou, Dee Dee, Vichun and Feitan. To know everything about Regionalliga South we invite you to familiarize yourself with Internet from computer culture. Who will raise a glass to technopolis?

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