Useful Tricks for Finding Zygarde Routes and Cells in Pokemon Go

Many Pokemon Go players have had a hard time finding Zygarde routes and slots in the game. However, they have come up with some useful tricks to make unlocking easier.

The Paths feature in Pokemon Go has been criticized for being difficult to access and lacking clarity on how to use it. Despite this, players are interested in using the Routes to find Zygarde Cells and obtain the ultimate form of the Legendary Zygarde Pokémon.

Although the creation of Routes is now more widely available, players still do not know how to find Routes and their rewards, including Zygarde Cells. However, a Reddit post from a Pokemon Go player sparked a discussion in which players shared simple yet smart tips for finding Zygarde routes and cells.

Some players suggested visiting densely populated areas such as parks, malls, downtown areas, main streets, and hiking trails. Others recommended visiting places with loops, such as local parks with paths that form a loop.

Regarding the Zygarde Cells quest, one player mentioned that stopping about 100m before the end of the path and restarting the game can cause a Zygarde cell to appear when the game is restarted. This cheat seemed to work consistently for this player.

It seems like collecting Zygarde Cells is bound to be a challenge in Pokemon Go. However, as Routes become more accessible to players, it should be easier to find Routes and Zygarde Cells by following these cheats.

So if you’re struggling to find routes and Zygarde cells in Pokemon Go, try visiting densely populated areas or places with circuits, and remember to stop before the end of the route and restart the game to potentially find Zygarde cells. Good luck!

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