Travis Scott makes a castellar in his new video clip recorded in Barcelona (and in other cities of Catalonia).

Ha put la faiza y la camisa y ha ha ha ha ha ha un ‘4 d 9 amb folre’ from Travis Scott, The world star of rap has chosen Catalunya as the setting for his video clip for the song ‘Siren’, where is an ode to the Catalan tradition of ‘Castells’. Not far from the short film, we see the artist roaming the streets of a neighborhood in Ciutat Meridiana, Nou Barris, from where they also sell many of their vecinos and vecina. In addition to Barcelona, ​​filming also took place Montcada, Terrassa and Tarragonathat I provided to the American Iconic Tarraco Arena To build a palace.

The video clip shows the union of several ‘Calles Castelleras’ to achieve the ‘4 out of 9’. Amb Foley’, Helping the ‘Dwarf’ Climb to the Top Raise your hands. Castillo’s production is the dominant thread of the short film, interspersed with images of the rapper walking through the streets of different areas of Catalonia as well as its people. Furthermore, the construction of castles is recorded in Tarragona, Same place where Castellar’s performance was first documentedEspecially in 1801 at Walls.

Estrella del Rap made sure it stayed ‘Enthralled by tradition’As UNESCO declared cultural heritage of humanity in 2010. Five actors participated in the video: Los Castellers de Villafranca, Los Ziquetes de Tarragona, Los Niños del Serralo, Los Chicos de la Torre or Castellers of MedionaEven though ‘Words’ have been great heroes.

Catalonia is not the only platform for the artist’s new video clip, but it is also a Catalan producer who produced it. Canada, one of the reference Catalan production companies, has collaborated with Travis Scott for the production of the short film ‘Sirens’, although it is not the first time that they have worked together. Producer also produce video clip of ‘TKN’, a project of Rosalia in which Scott also collaborated, won a Latin Grammy for Best Music Video. Rosalia also recorded the video clip for ‘Vampiros’ with Canada doing a song at night in Barcelona.

‘Siren’ short film is part of his new work ‘Utopia’An album that highlights collaborations with well-known names around the world Beyonce, SZA, The Weeknd, Future or bad bunny, among others. Like his previous album, ‘Astroworld’, ‘Utopia’ has already broken several records, such as being the most streamed rap album of the year. Over 650 million plays in a week, In addition, it also managed to become the best-selling rap vinyl of all time in its first week of sales, with nearly half a million copies sold.

refund after dispute

Despite having 79 million monthly listeners on Spotify, the Americans disappeared from the public eye after one season Incident at one of his ‘Astroworld’ tour concerts that left Ocho dead, During one of their shows in downtown Houston, Texas, a ticket was produced due to fan pressure towards the stage, where eight people died, once being transferred to the hospital with cardiac arrest and 300 people attended the emergency services. The controversy led while it was happening, el rapero no detuvo el concertoBell who continued his performance.

The first to pronounce on those hechos was his expérenza, Kylie Jenner, who posted a text on Instagram where he expressed his condolences to the families of the victims. Travis Scott posted a video with a black and white filter on the same social network, where he also expressed his condolences, but No explanation as to why I didn’t take part in the concert, The video was heavily criticized by its fans, as well as being the subject of memes and parodies.

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