The song ‘I’m Just Kane’ that Ryan Gosling sings on ‘Barbie’ is the ‘hit’ of the summer on Spotify

At this point, every few months since its premiere in cinemas, Taquilazo Day is talked about barbie You are not new. But if the event of the film is directed greta gerwig you are acting margot robbie It wouldn’t be surprising if they added a soundtrack full of songs, as it was, despite the inclusion of themes from well-known and mediocre artists alike. Dua Lipa, Billie Eilish, Sam Smith, Hai hey lizzoThe one who is rocking is the male protagonist of the same feature film, Ryan Gosling With the song titled Yours by Chico Triste i’m just ken,

a song you add almost by surprise and at the last moment on the soundtrack and that, just like the song peach Actor and comedian Jack Black for the animation film Key super mario bros, has become an unexpected hit. Of course, the Washington Post believes it i’m just ken Recorded an average of 12.9 million plays per month on Spotify, One figure is that the children as of August 16, and the count is that it was already available before the premiere. barbiei will assume so It has been listened to 41 million times so far.

This means poor reproductions compared to other highly recognized professional singers. For example, more than singer-songwriter phoebe bridgers, which is taken from the prestigious Rolling Stone magazine this year; that country singer Jason Aldean (aún is matching their recent controversy for racist connotations claimed in the music video for their most recent single, try it in a small town, el rapero Rick RossNominated for three Grammy Awards this year.

Ryan Gosling Followed a Strict Diet to Bring Ken to Life in 'Barbie'

Gosling Song, Written and Produced by mark ronson or Andrew Wyatthas also entered to be part of the known list Billboard 100and return to the focus of attention Canadian actor’s skills as a singerwho is next to your friend zach shields The band Dead Man’s Bones was formed and, in addition to singing at the musical Oscars, published their first and only album until disbandment in 2009. La la Land In Damien Chazelle co-starred by Emma Stone,

And, to quote the Oscars, both Gosling and Jack Black can improve their vocal cues because, Before the Most Likely Nomination for Best Original SongThe two will of course also have to perform at the famous Hollywood award ceremony.

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