The new Bad Bunny x adidas Response CL has been suddenly released and can only be purchased at stores

sounds like bad bunny and adidas They continue to launch their best models whenever one would least expect it, which confirms that the relationship between the artist and the German sports firm continues to be on a high. It all started in 2021 with the adidas Forum 84, which was touched by El Ojo – the silhouette in the form of the logo that Conejo Malo uses on all his shoes – and immediately turned into an object of desire for all shoe lovers. marveled and revived this Zapatilla after 40 years, the pair also dared to redesign them Feedback CL, a more aggressive silhouette that pays respect to trail running shoes. However, this vision that was born in 2022 turned out to be a declarative one and turned to the madness of the collectors of the most minimalist zapatilas by focusing on the campus.

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However, come 2023, this marriage is back to make a new attempt with this model and, surprisingly, presented a new program De las Bad Bunny x adidas Response CL. For that, we have to go back to June, when the most mediocre review of these sneakers went on sale: the Triple Black. That’s right, this Zapa passed right in front of our noses without us noticing: exactly one year ago, Benito showed up at CinemaCon in Las Vegas to introduce himself as the Marvel Cinematographic Universe’s first Latin actor. Now, only for the months after black women were available will you see the light a new versionPossibly the most distinctive of all.

If you reserved pastel tones for your adidas Forum 84 Bad Bunny and for Campus I used all the colors of nature (with blues allowed), for bad bunny x adidas response cl apply the most powerful colors, Keeping in mind that this is a Zapatilla that recalls Y2K or Dosmilero style vibes, Available colorways are strong and showy To further strengthen this aesthetic. The first ones were the white and silver ones, which were launched with yellow with red details. The arrival of Triple Black came a year after Los 2000, and debuted on the floor, Elsa said.

Equipped with its usual Advair and Adiprene technology and with a lighter-than-usual media that guarantees a good rebound and greater comfort, the new Bad Bunny x adidas Response CL is combined in a blend of Llegon Greens, Empezando Por La Malla in Gris Verdoso . Top. It has several wavy panels connected in front and made of leather in green slop and they are finished with El Ojo in the rear refuerzo. The only license permitted is the skin, which is dyed cream to create contrast. But why in this color and not in the other?

The full name of these Zapatillas is adidas x Bad Bunny ‘Boston Day’ Reaction CL, and it will be a tribute from Benito to his love for baseball. Hence, these colors would be inspired by the iconic green wall that houses the Fenway Park stadium in Boston. Little is known about this collaboration that will be available for sale on August 18th, as confirmed by American City’s shop Concepts, the only retailer where you can buy the new Zapatillas from Conejo Malo for $160 .

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