The Fast & Furious actors got tired of cars and directed this bloody horror film

Fast and Furious is opening the door for its stars and one of the franchise’s most loved actors will be making his directorial debut in a horror film.

Whether the cars tuned by the Toretto family (Vin Diesel) go into space, turn into tanks or survive a wave of fire, the saga fast and furious One of the most charming and endearing movies ever. Not only for its massive cast of Michelle Rodriguez, John Cena, Gal Gadot, and Charlize Theron, but also for the opportunities it provides its stars after appearing in these productions.

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As everyone is well aware, these productions don’t require intense acting preparation, but one of their stars has made good contacts and now that he’s exhausted from full force, he has his own set of horror films. There is an opportunity to direct a film.

The Fast and Furious actor who will direct a bloody horror film

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If you’re a fan of the Fast & Furious franchise, then you’re very familiar with actor Sung Kang, who played Han in everything from Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift to the recently released movie Fast & Furious 10. He soon won the hearts of all the fans, but now he is all set for his directorial debut.

Directed by Sung Kang, trembling tremor It is a mix of comedy and terrifying horror. In the film, after being bitten by a mysterious beast at an abandoned camp in the woods, Lucy (Brooke Markham) is convinced she’ll turn into a fearsome werewolf. With her best friend Karen (VY Nguyen)…

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