Taylor Swift declines to perform at the 2024 Super Bowl halftime show

if it was 2018 jay zee say no to Super Bowlas he sings”upshit”it was time to Taylor Swift reject the presentation that would be in 2024, singer who’s walking around We with “The Eras Tour”I would have said no to an invitation to perform halftime show During the championship final which will be held in February next year.

The singer is traveling with the tour “The Eras”. (Photo: Instagram/@taylorswift)

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According to Daily Double Hits, Tailor performing in the final would be a logical choice Super Bowl LVIIIthat will happen on that day February 11 In Las Vegas, After all, the singer enjoys great success wherever she goes “The Eras Tour”.

However, according to the vehicle, he may have declined the invitation to the halftime show. they exist two options to explain no Super Bowl, the first suggests that Tailor would like a high fees From NFL, Another argues that the decision must have been taken only after seeing him Presentation expenses will be very expensive,

According to the website, Other artists already had to pay part of the cost To sing in the halftime show. one of the most recent examples would be tribute to rapI realized 2022. The presentation must have been financed by the rapper Dr. Dre,

Jay-Z may be chosen to sing at the halftime show in 2024

even though i already said no Super BowlO! Daily Double Hits He believes that next year’s performance will be from the rapper who has the longest career in rap. It is worth remembering that the husband of beyoncé is one of the owners of rock nationwho manages halftime show From 2020

The site also claims that the rapper may be doing a retrospective of his career to cheer on the audience at the stadium. Apart from this, there will also be a possibility to see the special singer’s family with him. beyoncé it is blue Ivythe eldest of the couple who is breaking the steps “Renaissance World Tour” next to the mother.

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