Russian general fired by Putin for failures in Ukraine dies ‘from illness’

Russian general Gennady Zhidko57-year-old former Deputy Minister of Defense, dismissed from the post of commander-in-chief a few months ago Ukraine after losing territory Kremlin won, died in Russia a death, for some suspicious.

An ethnic Uzbek, Zhidko has been in command of the Russian armed forces in the occupied country for several months since May last year. the president Vladimir Putin fired him along with other senior military leaders after a series of defeats in the northeastern region Kharkiv in October 2022.

Mikhail Degtyarev, the Kremlin-loyal governor of Khabarovsk Krai in Russia’s Far East, said Zhidko died after “prolonged illness”. According to The Times, he did not provide any details, sparking speculation on social media that he may have been poisoned.

According to the Russian media “Mediazona”, this The 7th Russian general has died since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. At the moment, the Kremlin has not issued a decision on his death.

liquid too led Russian troops in Syriawhere his reputation as a tough man earned him the nickname “butcher“In fact, last year he was sanctioned by the United Kingdom, the European Union and the United States for his role in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In 2018, he was appointed commander of the Eastern Military District.

In Moscow, he was engaged in agitation and mobilization activities of the army, in order to promote the recruitment of the youngest. awarded prestigious Gold Star of the Hero of Russiachief of staff Valery Gerasimov this placed him among the “military leaders for his creative thinking”, which spurred him to pursue “unconventional” initiatives.

after humiliating dismissal, was replaced in Ukraine by General Sergey Surovikinpointed out his alleged connections with a group of mercenaries WagnerRussian tycoon’s private army Evgeny Prigozhin rebels demanding a change in Russian military policy and the resignation of the Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu. According to some indications, Surovikin will be arrested.

The Russian pro-war Telegram channel described Zhidko as “true patriot” and said he participated in the invasion of Ukraine despite being diagnosed with a terminal illness. “I wanted to contribute to the victory,” wrote the Voenkor Kitten channel. He also said that the Kremlin replaced him in Ukraine because of illness, not because of Russia’s losses. “The commander is missing, another one is dead. We will be attentive to the rest, ”he wrote on social networks. Dmitry Kolezev, Russian opposition journalist.

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