Players are concerned about game balance

League of Legends is known for its constant tweaking and balancing of champions, items, and specializations. However, some players claim that the game’s damage has become massive, leading to a meta where champions can easily one-hit each other.

Riot Games, on the other hand, doesn’t see the game’s damage balance as a major issue. They stated that overall the game is in fair condition. A Reddit post from a concerned player criticized Riot’s balancing approach, stating that each patch results in an increase in overall damage per second (DPS).

In response, Riot acknowledged the criticism and announced plans to change the state of the game, focusing on durability, match progress, and play time. While Riot agrees that the game is constantly evolving, they do not believe that it has returned to its state before the Durability patch.

Developer Riot Phroxzon has stated that balancing is not just about nerfing champions, but buffing them in a way that suits their intended playstyle. For example, increasing Nidalee’s movement speed to enhance her fantasy of an agile predator.

Riot claims that balancing is an ongoing “pull and pull” process and is closely monitoring the changes they make with each patch. However, some players argue that the game has moved away from its original strategic roots, with physical damage hunters taking out entire enemy teams, assassins taking down damage carriers quickly, and brawlers becoming an unstoppable force.

The community is looking forward to more updates from Riot on the state of the game. Many players are wondering if League of Legends will return to its pre-Durability Patch state, where quick reflexes and mechanical skills were paramount.

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