Paris Hilton is under fire for vacationing on Maui despite Hawaii’s wildfires

currently, Hawaii is living through one of the worst moments in its history after being hit by wildfires that have ravaged its islands, especially Maui where the fires have killed 100 people and more than a thousand have gone missing.

Faced with this delicate situation, several celebrities like Dwayne ‘La Roca’ Johnson and Jason Momoa have shown solidarity with Hawaii and are even sharing messages about helping those affected. He also sent messages of support to the public.

However, It seems that the tragic situation the archipelago is facing is not relevant or worrying to other stars, such as the case of Paris Hilton, who has been heavily criticized for vacationing in Hawaii despite the wildfires that have consumed Maui. Is going

The socialite decided to spend the holidays in Hawaii with her husband Carter Ream, where they were seen taking a shower at an exclusive tourist complex in Wailea.

Photos, which have been circulating on social networks, show the DJ partying in paradise some 48 kilometers from Lahaina, an area hit hard by the environmental disaster.

Elsewhere, Hilton was seen in Hawaii despite local authorities asking tourists to leave the island as soon as possible due to wildfires.

Absolutely, A source close to Paris commented to the British media Daily Mail that the businesswoman moved to Maui, taking advantage of reduced affluence as a result of the chaos that has affected many.

However, the source assured that the trip to Paris was planned and carried out several months in advance, and like everyone else, this is not the reason for the tragedy that the archipelago is experiencing.

Second, it was commented by the source, Paris has a special attachment to the island as it is where her family has always lived and even commented that DJ’s uncle’s restaurant burned down and Because of him “He decided to cut his trip short and visit his family and help in whatever way possible.”

However, that hasn’t convinced many netizens who accuse the 42-year-old businesswoman of being disconnected from reality and not caring about people’s lives as she indulges her desires.

in the face of criticism, Paris asked for help and support on her social networks, as well as asking for donations to one of her foundations.

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