Overwatch 2: Illari nerfs are coming

Inti Warrior will be touched upon in the upcoming hero shooter balance patch, so she won’t be an offensive choice in the competition.

illari It appeared in Season 6 of Overwatch 2 along with story missions and has taken over a large number of playable games. However Blizzard He already holds her at gunpoint so as not to abuse the power of the sun.

Alec Dawsonlead shooter hero designer, confirmed in social media that the Inti Warrior will be undergoing several important nerfs after its competitive launch next week. He stated that the user response to him was very good and that they would try to keep his aggressive nature as well as the support he gives his team.

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“When Illari enters competitive mode next week, she will be nerfed to Healing Tower and Captive Sun.

Overall, we are very pleased with its release and the response has been great. We’re still trying to make it impressive when it goes into competitive mode, but it needs some tweaking.”

Illari’s nerfs will fall Healing tower and captive sun (ultimate), two of the most important resources he works with in Overwatch 2. The first allows him to place a projector that heals allies by working in reverse to Symmetra’s sentry turrets. While the second one throws it into the sky to launch an explosive sphere of solar energy, slowing opponents and giving them a chance to take explosive damage.

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However, Blizzard will continue to monitor her evolution after adjusting her abilities as she dominates more like the third damage heroine, who as a second support. The Solar Rifle is his primary weapon, which deals 75 damage to the body and approximately 112 damage to the head when fully charged. Let’s see if this situation persists a posteriori after the already planned modifications.

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