Olivia Rodrigo, Karol G and Raw Alejandro Join Your Summer Playlists With Their New Songs

Nia Correia, El Tiger and DJ Konds, among others, also wanted to join the celebration of musical innovation. ¡Repasa Con Nosotros Los Nuevos Launch!

past come august 4th, Sacko, FIDE, Karol G and Maluma will work hard and bring their urban touch to the first musical novelties of the month. This week Great national and international artists come to add rhythm and spirit to your holiday, Do you want to find your new songs? We invite you to continue reading and… Give it to play!

Viernes 11 August

This week’s musical novelties come from the hands of Olivia Rodrigo. American ‘Bad idea isn’t it?’ returns with After publishing ‘Vampire’ in the last month of June, which was the first adelento of his new musical era. In this new theme, the singer Step away from the past Sensillo to show a more fun and Jugueteon side.

singer like this Leave us with honey on our lips and get one step closer to exploring the universe of ‘guts’which would be his second record work. “For me, this album Cure the pains of growth and try to find out who I am At this moment in my life and what I really want to say in my songs. Make the biggest part of this album during my 19th year on this earth. A year that, for me, was pretty full Confusion, Errors, Inconvenience and Adolescent Suffering A la Antigua».

After the launch of ‘Morning Will Be Beautiful’ at the beginning of the year, Karol ji surprised us with a new Sensillo, the ‘S91’ last month of July. A theme which was accompanied by a video clip in which the artist hinted at the arrival of ‘Manana Sundar Hoga (Bichota Season)’.

this new colombian album Makes References From Past Projects: ‘Celebrating Will Be Beautiful’ or ‘fagot’, A work that includes songs such as ‘Bichota G’, ‘Provenza (Tiësto RMX)’ and collaborations with artists such as Kali Uchis and Young Miko.

Nia Correia got us dancing to ‘Sabor Guajiro’, her new collaboration with El Tiger. A theme that we can see the artist develop and enjoy in a sound that falls like a ring on a finger, and that comes right after announcing the release of her first long term album, ‘Palosento’.

“Palo santo for me is everything that shows you the “bad” in a different way, that gives you peace, that becomes a talisman… In my case I have people who are palo santo. “, On this disc you will talk about good luck and bad luck, what we are able to achieve and attract If we focus on Elo. songs that hide stories And we may find them very soon.

Rau Alejandro has also joined the musical novelties of the week with an unexpected debut. Puerto Ricans surprise us with ‘Hayami Hana’, a theme of more than five minutes with a title Japanese word meaning “extremely beautiful, unique and unique girl”.

In the song’s lyrics, the singer addresses his breakup with Rosalia without Tapujos, which has been discussed a lot online over the past few weeks. Raul sings without vocals, accompanied by a piano bassHighlighting phrases like: «Yeah, it’s cool since Los Angeles. She’s my ‘motomami’… que vendra después, no se, pero se que pa’ te seran to ‘los grammies” hey “By chance we never spoke again, and my favorite eyes never looked at me again, that’s what I do when you want to remember the lokito tuyo that really wanted you.”

But that’s not all, there are several other artistes who wanted to feature in this week’s music news. Maluma and Gordo unite their forces in a ‘partnership’. Chema Rivas comes with ‘A Souls’, Trueno comes with ‘Tranky Funky’ and RVFV comes with ‘Andaluja’.

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