New D.Va skin in Overwatch 2 surprises players

A new D.Va skin has been added to Overwatch 2, but it has left players in awe. The $25 bundle includes a legendary skin that is very similar to the previous skin.

Blizzard surprised Overwatch 2 players with the announcement of a collaboration between the game and Gentle Monster, a Korean eyewear company. The Gentle Monster D.Va Bundle includes a Legendary Skin, Trait, Icon, Card, and Amulet. However, the attention of the players was attracted by the design of the legendary skin.

Some players on Reddit pointed out similarities between the new “Gentle Tokki Fuchsia (Legendary) Skin” skin and D.Va’s EDM skin. While the new skin features a slightly lighter shade of pink, the design of D.Va’s shorts is remarkably similar. Other aspects of the design also felt familiar to gamers.

Many players expressed their disappointment, calling the skin a “lazy wannabe” and questioning the $20 price tag. The package actually costs 2,600 Overwatch 2 Coins, which is roughly equivalent to $25.

Another Reddit user compared the new skin to D.Va’s EDM skin from the Season 1 Battle Pass, further confirming the idea that it’s a copycat. Players expressed disappointment not only that it was a copy, but also that it was a collaboration with another company, and they expected more effort.

While players have been disappointed with the skins in the past, they also appreciated Ash’s amazing cosplay and showed their support for Blizzard.

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