Moments in which Jungkook from BTS proved to be the “kid” of the group

surkorean artist jungkookwho is back in trend these days due to the release of his first single song “Seven”, has not been famous since the beginning of his debut with BTS, when he 15 yearsThanks to his talent and commitment, he managed to gain a lot of recognition.

However, as many of his followers know, Jungkook is the youngest in the world today most agreeableand he is the one and his own companions have been in charge of showing many moments of this l idol has proved it ,Child, from the group,

During his 10 years as a career, Jungkook was most adored and prioritized by everyone, with his teammates at times treating him like a real kid. on one occasion Gin He tries to take a picture of Jungkook, but he refuses, so the rest of his teammates start making noises and calling him “baby” so that he eventually backs off.

One of these tender moments is that, as few know, Maknae’s love language is physical contact, a way his partner Menudo wants to correspond and hug him when you need it most.

your partner and Useless In particular, he hasn’t stopped showing how proud he is and always tries to help her in terms of music and her professional life, as he is now very satisfied knowing that she is finally the one. Adult That’s how you behave.

of course for your forces jeon jungkook He will also be the most liked of all and at his young age he has achieved great goals and is capable of overcoming great challenges, indicating that he is the youngest of all, and is called the child of the group. Turns out, only this would be a nickname, you can see a very exemplary adulthood in his acts alone.

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