Meet the brand of premium cocktails signed by Jennifer Lopez

16 August 2023

Editorial allo allo bahia

Jennifer Lopez She is the latest celebrity to step into the world of drinks. the stakes of the moment delolaA range of premium cocktails signed by the actress and singer, in partnership with renowned bartenders lynette marrero,

“Lopez wanted to create delicious cocktails that could be poured straight from the bottle with mixologist quality. We really connected because we love the taste of delicious fresh fruits. “I built my career on culinary cocktails, and that was definitely the direction she wanted to go,” says Marrero.

A premium spirits, bubbly and natural vegetal, hits the market with three expressions of intense flavors: Bella Berry Spritz, a vodka drink with hibiscus and red fruits; the Paloma Rosa Spritz, which mixes tequila with elderflower and grapefruit; and the L’Orange Spritz, which balances synapse fruit with bitter Italian digestifs, with a final touch of passion fruit. Each 750 ml bottle sells for approximately US$25 (R$117.70).

* by Marcel Neves. Photos: Revealed.

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