LoL: These are the writers’ favorite champions.

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Most League of Legends players have found with at least one scripter before, sometimes without even knowing it. Some obvious to find like those who dodge repeatedly enemy spells thrown out of the fog of war, but others better programmed much harder to expose. However, in what positions and champions do these hacks most often appear in matches?

Fraud in the spotlight

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As expected, the position where people can most identify scripters is in the role of ADC. At the same time, most of his game consists of kite your opponents. A person, even very strong in the game, will always miss at least one or two auto-attack opportunities in combat, simply because he cannot click on the stop of his movement every time in a perfect frame when restarting an auto-attack.

There are several reasons for this: first, it is very difficult for the normal human eye to react correctly frames, but the pace needed to achieve perfection will change throughout the game depending on the attack speed of the character. Because the script can do these calculations very quickly, it is better than a human.

The more difficult it is to play a basic shooter, the more games the writer will win. The latest stats released by Riot Games are from the last few years, so some champions may be missing out. However, a trend emerged showing that the ADCs that benefited the most from scenarios required a lot of practice to play perfectly.

champions love Calista, Lucian and Tristana at the time they made up the podium, although today we should probably add Aphelia or Zeri, who seem like great script candidates, although it is also true that don’t forget Kog’Mau champion who has been noted as one of the most worn.

Range, kiting and combat touch

Although the ADC position is the most popular for kicking, it far from the only position affected. Other champions who rely heavily on kiting may benefit from these types of programs. Sindra, Cassiopeia and Zerat are the best examples of this in the mid lane, Syndra even Second Favorite Screenwriter Champion in the latest official statistics.

Finally, don’t assume melee champions never use this type of program. Champions like it Fiora, Riven and Yasuo champions have always been fun to program, either because they require many clicks in a very short time to play perfectly (Riven and her animation are cancelled) or because you have to click at the best moment. block the most dangerous spells (Parry Fiora, Wind Wall Yasuo).

In the end, only the jungle seems to be saved (Zerata is very often played as a support), probably because programming a script that must systematically make the most efficient decisions based on the state of each lane would be very difficult.but it is also necessary to teach him to stick to the decision.

In fact, the best line to gank at 3:10 might be a high plan, but if at 3:12 it becomes lower lane since the duo bot made a good trade, there is a risk that the script will stop its movement to the top lane in order to move to that lane, causing a loss of effectiveness (especially if the top lane is the best gank line before arriving again).

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