Jessica Chastain reveals she wants to return for an unexpected sequel

in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, jessica chastain (‘It: Chapter 2’) revealed that he would love to return for the film’s sequel.most violent year,

The actress revealed that she is still waiting for the script of the sequel to be written.

“Here’s the reality, I don’t know if (the ‘A Most Violent Year’ sequel) hasn’t been made yet, because I’m waiting for the script to be written. I keep waiting. This is the story of capitalism using this family. This is an American story. Director JC Chandor is amazing. When I met him, he told me his whole idea about the film, so I am still waiting. I still want the script to be completed.

The actress also shared that she would love to star in the sequel of the acclaimed period drama.cross stories,

during an interview for Entertainment Weekly, jessica chastain Some of her most outstanding works were recalled when she was asked what she never stops thinking about. “Do you know who I think about all the time and wish I could play her again? Celia explodes. I just want to do something centered on Celia and Minnie, you know? Look what happened to them. You know they ended up living together and raising a child together, they were best friends. Imagine how amazing that movie would be!”

Released in 2011′cross storieswas directed by Tate Taylor (‘Ma’) and received a 76% approval rating from critics.

Remember the trailer:

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