Jennifer Aniston’s diet to look fabulous at 54

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This is the Zone Diet, a healthy way of eating that is hormonally controlled through the proportion of food consumed.

by Sarah Flamenco

August 17, 2023 / 12:09 pm

whenever we mention the word Diet, we automatically think of a restrictive type of diet that aims to shed kilos. But, in fact, the term diet refers to a specific form of food that is not intended to be slim, even though it achieves this as a result of the balance between its nutrients. it’s his case zone dietThe healthy eating style that has won over Jennifer Aniston for its anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effects keeps her looking fabulous in her 50s.

That’s the secret of the Zone Diet balance Between the nutrients of the food consumed, Thus, hormonal regulation is achieved through proportional intake. Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats, which should be 40%, 30% and the other 30% respectively in each meal. In addition, there are foods that contain Omega 3 and polyphenols. with them you can Nutritional balance, thereby reversing the signs of aging. In addition, it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.

designed by Dr. Barry SearsThe Zone Diet is conceived as a healthy lifestyle that aims for complete wellness through good nutrition. It is ideal to make five (six in some cases) meals in a ratio of 40-30-30 Carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats.

how does the zone diet work

Carbohydrates, proteins, fats… that’s the basis of it zone diet And the way you combine them will tell you whether you’re doing well or not. If this is the case, you should be able to have hambres in about four hours since you’ve managed to freeze them. sugar level in the blood. When it comes to this diet, it is necessary to follow the food tables very strictly: precise measurements of vegetables, fruits, fish, dairy seafood… Everything is indicated and you have to do it correctly. Can’t skip the measurement. expert advice divide the plate into three equal parts And eat the food by dividing it like this:

Protein: must occupy one third of the plate And the size and thickness will correspond to the palm of your hand without counting your fingers. This measure is equal to one 100 grams for women and us 150 For the men, heavy crudo. You can include egg whites, fish, lean lean meats, low-fat dairy products in this part of your plate…

– Carbohydrates: must occupy others dos tercios del plato And here it can be structured in two ways:

  1. salads and vegetables: These carbohydrates are obtained through salads and vegetables, if they can be included of fists of these foods. They are rich in antioxidants and provide less glucose. In this case, it is allowed to take sweet fruits.
  2. Pasta and Rice: On the other hand, if you get these carbohydrates from pasta or rice instead of vegetables, you can have them. a handful of these foods and other tercio quaderia libre. Now eating a piece of sweet fruit is not allowed.
Plato de pechuga de pollo a la plancha with vegetables. / Imagen: Freepik.

– Fat: The amount of grease required can be obtained from Accept extra virgin olive oil with which to season vegetables and salads or cook meals, although they may also be added dried fruit or avocadoFor example.

In addition to following the method of proportion, zone diet This requires proper organization of food and hydration. l doctor sears proposes we should get it done five meals al dia (tres principales y dos tentempías), drink 2 liters of waterdon’t let it pass 3 or 4 hours Always the first hour between each meal and snack, immediately after waking up. In addition, it is also recommended to include Physical exercise moderate your routine and take a try tempi 30 minutes before and immediately after exercise, to stimulate growth hormone and build muscle.

benefits of zone diet

The Zone Diet is an end in order to educate us to improve our diet permanently, that we learn a healthy lifestyle habits I wanted to provide for my partner on time. Hence, this sets it apart from other famous regimes a restrictive or hypocaloric plan, Which is generally difficult to adjust with the pace of our lives and complicated to follow for a long time. estos son los benefits From The Zone Diet:

Plato a la plancha of salmon, vegetables and mashed potatoes. / Imagen: Freepik.

1. Decreased inflammation in the body

Thanks to the control of hormones that control glucose and insulin Our body manages energy efficiently. This is due to a reduction in carbohydrate intake, which can improve metabolic health, according to a study published in the journal british journal of sports medicine,

2. Increases Fat Burning

By controlling these hormones we automatically reduce body oilThis is the reason why weight loss occurs naturally without restricting the intake of food.

3. Regulates the feeling of satiety

As we have said earlier, when the balance between the nutrients is achieved then it is advisable to Dr. Barry Sears, if you can’t is engaged In four hours, as the blood sugar level has stabilized.

4. Delays aging

improve capacity antioxidant Free radicals responsible for cellular aging are eliminated from the body, and function is optimized regenerating of cells. Plus, it reflects on the skin and hair, providing a healthier look.

5. Development of the immune system

best field diet immune system And protects us from chronic diseases like diabetes. Dr. Sears Hahn’s study found this nutritional strategy interesting for him as a method of prevention. cancer and them heart disease,

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