‘Fake Brad Pitt’ finale expands with new actors

Following the Sonado case of Vacina de Granada, which condemned the victim of an alleged fraud of approximately 170,000 euros after a group of Timadores defrauded him by pretending to be Brad Pitt in order to extort money, later in the same way The expansion continues.

A group of thugs who clearly have international ramifications, I believe the money grabber was in a relationship via the Internet with North American actor Brad Pitt, and it was he who asked for the money. A new case has come to the fore on this occasion, but with a different actor and a completely different location.

According to the diary, this incident happened with a woman from Kentucky (USA) ABC, just like a man who ruined a cantidad worth about $10,000. But this is a good opportunity. in place of the Oscar-winning actor for it was once upon a time in hollywoodThis farce was concerned with more than one of the chain marks of the stage. streaming Netflix.

Dacre Montgomery (‘Billy’ in Stranger Things) and his partner and model Liv Pollock.Greg DeGuire/Getty Images for Turner

an ‘extra’ relationship

The scammer was impersonated by actor Dacre Montgomery, who has played young Billy since the second season. stranger things, In fact, the character has been known to show off his toned body in the last season, in which he works as a lifeguard, and has aroused passion among some of the women who visit the swimming pool where he works in fiction. Is.

They met on an online art portal and tensions reached such a point that the woman reportedly divorced her husband in the hope of being able to start a relationship with Montgomery – with whom she also has a 7-year-old daughter. In the beginning, they only said that he was a well-known interpreter and that they had probably seen him on television.

“I was surprised but how I felt was so controlled that I understood”

victim of burnout

After several months filled with excuses for not showing up on video calls, the scammer said he was thinking of breaking up with his partner – in fact, Montgomery is with Australian model Liv Pollock – because he feels strict control. I was in Also, allegedly, controlled your money. This is a hook for Los Grandees in Kentucky to Estafarle Diez.

“I was extraneous but how did it feel like I was so controlling,” he explained after the victim, who had experienced a similar situation in a previous relationship that the cheater had invented.

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