Epic Games’ ultimate cross-platform game is ready

Epic Games is showing this plan to make it easier for developers to play cross-platform, they are looking to bring players across all platforms and stores together with an idea they have been chewing on a lot.

Epic Games is expanding its crossplay tool between PCPS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch by helping Developers to make it easier for them to add it to their games.

The tool they showed is designed to connect more players and integrate cross-platform features into games, making it easier to add multiplayer features.

This addition means that more players will be able to join online matches with their friends regardless of platform, which will benefit both the community and Epic Games.

The announcement was made on Wednesday, August 16th as a console extension, but it’s still part of free software development kit from Epic Games: Epic online services.

Given the huge success of Fortnite across all platforms, it’s no surprise that the company supports cross-platform play. It’s not uncommon for creators to port their game to consoles from PC, but everyone plays on their own platform.

Epic’s new tools aim to remedy this by allowing developers to seamlessly connect players and integrate cross-platform features into their games.

Between them there were overlaps, which combined friends lists on Steam and the Epic Games Store into one so you can easily join and invite games on computers.

Now what Epic Games has expanded the tools for PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.Epic’s online services are the same across PC and consoles, so everyone can see their friends in one place.

This may also create a new Epic Games account are connected to native ones and send/receive game invitations. All this has been designed to work with any graphics engine, store or platform.

The company logo and launcher will be visible on PS4 and/or Xbox.

This should make it easier to add cross platform game for multiplayer matchesallowing friends on different consoles or different PC stores to play together.

WITH over 750 million Epic Games accounts and hundreds of games using Epic Online Services, which means that a large number of players will soon get the opportunity to cross-play.

Crossplay is just one of many tools offered by Epic Online Serviceswhich allows game developers to have a single server service provider and even greatly simplify the development process.

Epic Games aims to simplify the implementation of cross-play in games and with his own tools, he hopes to make the process easier for many.

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