Emmy Awards to be postponed until next year for struggling screenwriters and Hollywood actors

Fox and the Academia de Télévisions try to avoid the consequences of the claims and delay the 75th edition of the ceremony. Succession, The Last of Us, The White Lotus and Ted Lasso are the series with the most nominations.

A few weeks ago there was news that there 75th edition of Emmy Awards it will be late Huelga of actors and screenwriters, Fox and Television Academy confirmed it The ceremony will be held on January 15, It is the first time the event has changed its closing date in 22 years.

successionOne of the series with more nominations at the ceremony.

original ending iba a ser el 18 Septemberbut even if the conversation between them resumes Hollywood Producers and Employees in Huelganext month is very ready to wait for minimum normalized environment This allows the awards to be celebrated with the general assistance of the cast.

List of candidates announced July 12, 48 hours ago actors called Huelga, Shortly after, all Hollywood appearances and promotional events came to an end. affected or Canceled until further notice.

The Academia de Television also announced Emmy Award for Creative Arts Will proceed from 9th and 10th September Energy’s 6 and 7, it breeds a conflict golden globeswho has already installed it January 7th is the official closing date, If it were small, the awards would be celebrated Critics’ Choice January 14 and them SAG Awards on February 24,

nominated person

most nominated series en la 75th edition of Emmys Son Succession, The Last of Us, The White Lotus, Ted Lasso, La Maravilosa Sara. Maisel, The Bear, Bronca, Dahmer – Monstruo: La Historia de Geoffrey Dahmer y Miercoles.

Some? actors and actresses Aspirants for the award are Kieran Culkin, Bob Odenkirk, Pedro Pascal, Elisabeth Moss, Bella Ramsey, Bill Hader, Jason Sudeikis, Jeremy Allen White or Jenna Ortega. Habra that wait until enro To find out who will be the winner,

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