Doja Cat downloads after a severe drop in followers

Per: Agustina Miranda

american artist doja cat last time it looked different controversies with the people themselves who support it, fan, It seems that since the problem that has occurred paraguayThe “hostilities” have escalated since then, with fanatics posing outside the hotel she was staying at to take photos and conduct business.

One of the feuds that has started to unfold over the past few weeks started with one of your fans’ nicknames, “los kittens“, to which he sharply criticized. “Miss fans don’t have to call themselves either way. If you call it “gattitos” you have to stop using mobile, look for a job or help your parents around the house,

The attack without precedent continued on another occasion, when a fanatic asked him to “be kind” and said what he wanted. It was then that the rapper got the perfect opportunity to earn bad fame: “no los quiero, no siqueira los conozco,

To this, one of his followers replied: “We don’t know you but we have supported you in good times and in bags. no serial nadi sin nosotros, You must be working in a supermarket recording songs in GarageBand”, to which Doja said: “Nadi’s got you hooked. I don’t know why you talk to me like you’re my mother, You look crazy.”

after a vs without explanation, Many accounts of Doja Cat fans began to become inactive and other channels in Telegram were shut down. In what sense, lost thousands of followers on the social network of InstagramThat’s why he broke the silence and started talking without hesitation, which meant that he felt freed from this lossAnd he can end up connecting with the people who “really matter”.

I wrote: “Seeing all these people unfollowing me makes me feel like i defeated a great beast It’s been bugging me for a long time and I think I can reconnect with those i really care You love me for who I am, not for who I was… i feel free,

this statement can be final quiver Among a large section of its public, even though it maintains a loyal group that distances itself from these problems and continues to support it.

Somewhat conveniently, these conflicts are inserted at the beginning of their new album, with the final release of their song: “paint the town red,

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