Daniel Lopez: Mysteries in Hawaii: From Energy Weapons to Real Estate Conspiracies

Fire devastation in the coastal city of Lahaina in Hawaii: This city was the most affected by the fire., Photo: Disclosure/Hawaii Government website

More than 100 people died, people took refuge in the sea and about 30 billion BRL was damaged. A massive wildfire destroyed more than 2,000 homes on the island of Maui in what was the largest natural disaster in the US state of Hawaii. Experts say a combination of at least four factors contributed to the disaster: a small fire that grew out of control; strong winds; dry weather; and a type of vegetation sensitive to fire, such as Guinea grass.

However, as is often the case, a series of far-fetched theories began to emerge on social media. The most common view is that drones using directed energy weapons destroyed the homes of residents who refused to sell them to celebrities seeking to increase their wealth. It is worth remembering that the island is a refuge of sorts for such “celebrities” as billionaires Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos; Actor and director Clint Eastwood, singers Lady Gaga and Steven Tyler (from the band Aerosmith), presenter Oprah Winfrey and actors Jim Carrey, Will Smith and Julia Roberts.

Theorists claim that directed energy devices can hit any target on the planet with pinpoint accuracy. And, perhaps, without attracting attention or specifying the authorship of the attack

In addition to conspiratorial explanations, this is an occasion to consider so-called “directed energy weapons,” which would be able to, among other things, set houses and forests on fire. Some experts argue that Donald Trump intended to establish weapons of this nature in space when creating the Pentagon’s new front for space warfare, the Space Force, to counter equipment already in use by the Russians and the Chinese. Could It was the first time in 70 years that the United States created a new military service. Theorists claim that these directed energy devices can hit any target on the planet with pinpoint accuracy. And, perhaps, without attracting attention or specifying the authorship of the attack. Others also suggest that the US government’s current intention to acknowledge the existence of aliens may be a way to disguise this strategy of a new “Star Wars”.

But what would be the benefit of these directed energy weapons? First, discreet, because they don’t make noise and can be invisible. Second, the ability to navigate linearly, without interference from wind, gravity or inertia. Third: They are capable of reaching long distances, which are very suitable for space-deployed weapons. Fourth, they solve logistical problems by not requiring the supply of ammunition.

There are many types of these devices. Most modalities work through microwave machines. Examples include the Active Denial System, a type of non-lethal weapon used to disperse crowds, developed by the US Air Force Research Laboratory in conjunction with Raytheon, one of the world’s largest warfare companies. Have done The directed beam heats the water on the target’s skin surface, causing burns and excruciating pain.

Another example is the so-called “Vigilant Eagle”, an anti-aircraft defense system that directs high-frequency microwaves at missiles to destroy them. This device was introduced to the public in 2005 and is also manufactured by Raytheon. During the war in Ukraine, the Stupar anti-drone rifle became famous, which emits electromagnetic pulses against unmanned aircraft, disrupting communication with its operator, causing the aircraft to crash.

But would it be possible to put a directed-energy weapon into space that could shoot down intercontinental missiles and ignite targets on the ground? A matter of National Defense Magazine 2019 states that this is one of the main objectives of the US military. Another report from April this year shows that the US spends US$1 billion per year in developing weapons of this nature. With such a value, it is even possible to create what the human mind has not yet imagined.

Most likely the fires in Hawaii were caused by natural fire or by some crazy person. I guess we’ll never know. But conspiracy theorists make no mistake in believing in the existence of lightning bolts capable of incinerating targets on the ground from space.

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