Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Tournament at Gamers8

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) will soon be replaced by Counter-Strike 2 in esports, making the upcoming CS:GO tournament at Gamers8 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia one of the game’s last major tournaments. The tournament, which will run from August 16 to 20, will feature sixteen elite teams from around the world competing for a $1,000,000 prize pool.

The format of the tournament is based on a single draw with matches up to three wins. Some notable teams taking part in the tournament include FaZe Clan, Team Liquid, Virtus Pro, and current champions Team Vitality. Surprisingly, established teams such as MOUZ, Ninjas in Pajamas and Astralis will not compete, allowing three regional teams – Fnatic, MIBR and 9INE – to make a potential impact.

The tournament kicks off on August 16 with the first six matches, followed by the first knockout round on August 17. The remaining quarter-finals will take place on August 18, while the semi-finals and grand finals are scheduled for August 19 and 20, respectively. Since this is a knockout tournament, any team can face elimination if they have a bad day, so every match will be full of potential surprises.

To be aware of the exact schedule and times of matches, it is recommended to check the detailed schedule on the official website. If you’re interested in watching matches live, you can do so on Gamers8’s English Twitch channel. Get ready to witness exciting CS:GO action in one of the game’s last tournaments before its successor takes over the esports scene.

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