Content Creator Finds 75% Of CS:GO Streamers Promote Gambling, Calls For Justice From Valve – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

shells and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, two concepts that have gone hand in hand almost since the game’s release. Many were streamers and content creators, we’ve seen endlessly opening boxes with the same result: nothing. However, most resort to third party websiteswhere gambling is promoted to get these precious aspects.

And now, after an exhaustive investigation of 300 streamers the largest CS:GO content creator focused on shooter Valve tactician Honggungan released a video demonstrating that 75% streamers These bookmakers have ever promoted or gambling with game skins.

Relatively YouTubenumber increases: approx. 80% belonging youtubers from CS:GO promoted these websites where the public can play for big money with different weapon skins as if they were real money.

There are already over 1550 skins in League of Legends.  How much will it cost to buy them all and what happens if you buy them?

Problem? That neither Twitch nor YouTube allow supposedly unregulated bookmakers to promote, nor do they allow content creators to share referral codes to save some when their subscribers decide to invest.

None of these platforms do anything to prevent this problem and The valve doesn’t move a finger either. despite the strict ban on this type of activity. That’s why, with a pretty well-crafted video, he wants to send a message to the company to eradicate this problem, which affects more than just gambling: compulsive gambling is not a game, and this type of content encourages these thoughts.

in 3D games | Counter-Strike is the perfect game, and the best proof of that is the last big discussion between the players.

in 3D games | It’s the most useless thing you can buy in Counter-Strike, but it costs over a thousand euros due to a change Valve made five years ago.

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