Coca-Cola Ultimate Limited Edition League of Legends now available in the Philippines

The limited-edition Coca-Cola Ultimate League of Legends drink, first introduced in the US in June, is now available in the Philippines. This limited edition Coke flavor is part of the brand’s Creations line and was created in collaboration with Riot Games. Unlike the American version, the drink is made in the Philippines and is a sugar-free cola.

Coke x League of Legends drink in the Philippines features a unique can design inspired by Riot’s popular MOBA. Although there is no specific description of the taste, it is simply referred to as “+XP taste”. According to the US Coca-Cola website, the drink combines the recognizable taste of Coca-Cola with the electrifying taste of +XP. When poured into a glass, it is very similar to regular Coca-Cola.

When tasting, the drink at first resembles Cherry Coke, but after a while its fruity taste resembles chewing gum. It can be described as either a bubblegum-flavored cola or a slightly fruity cola, as opposed to last year’s watermelon-strawberry marshmallow-flavoured cola.

While it can’t replace Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Vanilla as the cola of choice, the chewy gum flavor unexpectedly complements the classic Coca-Cola flavor. This makes it a potential favorite for those who love this type of flavor. In addition, it is not too sweet as it does not contain sugar.

Coca-Cola Ultimate Limited Edition League of Legends can currently be found in select 7-Eleven stores in the Philippines. However, it is not yet widely available in other convenience stores or supermarkets. Let’s hope it’s available elsewhere, including online, so League of Legends fans can easily try it out.

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