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Carla Constant will be the guest of the next episode of “De Tú a Tú” this Sunday on Channel 13 screens. The beloved TV presenter will tell about her personal life in a heart-to-heart conversation with Martin Carcamo.

During a home dialogue, the presenter, who had just left her TV house, where she worked for 10 years (Mega), talk about his present sentimental stateas seen in the preview posted by Channel 13.

The former De Paseo space animator has been in a stable relationship with publicist Andrés Villaceca since 2016. Although her second son, Rocco, is the result of her relationship with Villaseca, they are not officially married. “So he asked you to marry him, but you did not marry?” asks the natural blonde. “No,” Carla replied with a smile, but clarified that she clearly accepted the sentimental offer.

Carla’s father’s health

In the chapter airing this Sunday in prime time, the pair of cheerleaders also chat with Carcamo, who has the same bubbly sense of humor as his wife.

On the other hand, Carla will talk about her father, who has been living with her since last December for health reasons. His father was diagnosed with amyloidosis, a rare disease that causes small tumors in the blood., and this leads to the fact that the organs fail over time. The driver’s father suffered heart and kidney damage, and he must undergo dialysis.

Regarding this recent coexistence, the former Hora de Jugar animator notes that “It changed my life a lot, but I think it’s for the better.”

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