Britney Spears hired Kim Kardashian’s lawyer to protect their prenuptial agreement

Britney Spears in her latest Instagram post Credit: Bang Showbiz

Britney Spears in her latest Instagram post Credit: Bang Showbiz

Britney Spears has hired lawyer Laura Wasser — whose client list includes Kim Kardashian, Joe Manganiello or Jennifer Garner — to be part of her legal team after her former ex Sam Asghari filed for divorce just hours ago. Have done In the mecca of cinema, Wasser is known for revolutionizing the way marriages of the rich and famous end; Their philosophy is based on doing so by causing the least possible damage and saving them a small fortune.

She was the person who devised a very useful strategy to reduce the media criticism that actors, actresses and singers have to face in such difficult personal moments by always advising them to wait until until another personality with a higher public profile decided to seek a divorce. Of course, Wasser can’t name names, but he can tell his clients if other celebrities are preparing to get divorced and give them an estimated time when they’ll get it.

Laura has also been responsible for sharing some of the secrets of celebrities at the time of handling their separation. Thanks to them, we know, for example, why divorce petitions soar at the end of award season in Hollywood: so that stars don’t find themselves posing on the red carpet with soles. It is also learned that it advises all people it represents, if they want to protect their privacy and avoid Los Angeles Superior Court, divorce in Santa Barbara or similar cities We recommend filing claims where employees experience this trend. From filtering the news to the press.

Despite the fact that she prefers to avoid lengthy and complicated litigation, Laura Wasser hasn’t hesitated to handle some of the most controversial divorces of the past decade: She was the one who represented Johnny Depp when he split from Amber Heard. He has also been engaged to Accesora by Angelina Jolie in her legal battle with Brad Pitt and has recently worked with Kevin Costner during his separation from his mother and two sons, where a small The property and mansion that only the old couple shares is disputed.

In his experience, the best way to avoid unpleasant situations like these actors is to be honest before he walks down the aisle and maintain the kind of romantic conversation he would have if he were going to an autograph signing. Prenuptial agreement, however do not plan to do so. Britney is having an affair, but it’s rumored that his ex-wife plans to challenge their ‘pre nap’ as her lawyer, Neil Hersh, signed the legal documents he submitted with the divorce demand. The nature and scope of which is yet to be determined. The grand total of each party’s separately owned assets and liabilities.

It is currently known that Sam intends to apply for a maintenance pension of an undisclosed amount. The Princess of Pop does not seem too worried about the possibility of a conversation with her ex-husband and on social networks she has dedicated herself to boasting about the new horse she has just bought.

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