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Directed by Ángel Manuel Soto, the film focuses on a character created by Charles Nicholas Wojtkowski in 1939.

It’s been a busy year for DC. Projects that fail, films that don’t release, actors battling problems behind the camera… in the middle of this panorama a little superhero is born blue beetle who wants to leave all these fights aside Bringing a little charisma and a lot of Latin flavor to the cinematographic universe. Strapped was set to premiere directly on HBO Max, but Warner Bros. pulled the plug. Y Discover brought it live on the big screen.

The end result has some semblance of that humble character as it is a belt with a willingness to pass it down well, without showing off. Both have tackled the proposal with great energy and enthusiasm, But the reality is that it was not easy. At least face to face with the public. The studio takes a crack at everything related to the superheroic genre that costs less. Other films that premiered this year are Shazam! wrath of the gods or glitterIt is very hot in the theatres. Their cost is 133.8 and 268 million dollars respectively, very low figures for more than 1,000 million. aquaman Wonder Woman 822.

And to blame the ingenuity of Warner Bros. directly would be a mistake. For downpouring in tequila. Support given to theaters has not recovered even after the pandemic The superhero genre is clearly in decline, The public has been completely satisfied with the immense offerings that Marvel and DC have continued to offer over the decades.

For that reason, we don’t need another superhero movie, but we’re left with none. After all, it is the kind of cinema based on pure entertainment and extreme excitement that is best enjoyed on the big screen. It’s there whenever you need to disconnect and, even if you don’t get as extraordinary figures as before, its function is still in place. Y so in this context blue beetle, a new superhero movie. Also, a strap on the original, like many we’ve seen here, but with a lighter face wash: Maridueña, DC’s first Latin superhero under Soto’s command And, overall, it is the first superhero ‘blockbuster’ where all its protagonists are Mexican or Latin American.

y lego la fibre latina

great innovation that introduces blue beetle Its heroes in this universe full of superpowers have Latin origins. Soto places Los Reyes at the center of the story, a Mexican family on the verge of losing their home. They are used to spending the little money that comes home and have ingrained in their DNA the need to help each other.

Coincidentally, The only ground that makes it a different act on the emotional plane, The beautiful relationship between Jamie Reyes and her family is present throughout the story. It’s what drives the superhero to keep going, what drives him to make risky decisions, what convinces him he can handle it. It is a key element in authentically Latin love narratives.

Es hora de cambiar a los villanos: or esta bien de millonarios ‘take’

minutes blue beetle Craves in feelings, lost in the representation of his villains. susan sarandon you are victoria cord, the evil suitcase who presides over the family company and who has created an entire army capable of dominating the world using his brother Ted’s innovative inventions. Sarandon has played her character very well. That’s great. There are some things this woman just can’t do. The problem here is that, since the script, the villa is what it is. A new return to Millonaria who runs a technology company and was left a bit out of hand when she gained power.

Again, it is not a renewal of this profile nor does it present any element that allows us to differentiate it from characters such as Lex Luthor, Ingen’s possessor in the Superman saga. Jurassic Park Weyland-Yutani in Alien.

flight blue beetle That constant ‘deja vu’ feeling, Reyes’ charisma reminds us of Tom Holland’s young Peter Parker and Strapp’s general rhythm – we mention the music and use of slow motion – is a direct influence. Guardians of the Galaxy, We shouldn’t be surprised given that James Gunn is now in charge of the studio’s creative direction, but it’s clear that there’s little to see of Gunn here. It’s gratifying that the filmmaker marks a whole new generation of superhero belts, but, then again, this is something someone has done before.

Don’t upgrade anything, but sometimes it’s not necessary

it’s good, ¿es blue beetle a bad movie? No,not at all. It’s entertaining, funny and has a lot of heart. everything is proportional Because the action is fair and necessary to promote the film, but there is no excess of skins or special effects. The casting is very well chosen and Xolo Maridueña is a great introduction to the DC universe. It contributes a resuena energy that lifts the motion and is, undoubtedly, one of the great values ​​of the band. in general, blue beetle It’s a good leash for the superhero genre, it’s just too bad many people have spoken about it before he said it.

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