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Nicaragua seizes Bien from Jesuit university accused of terrorism

Nicaragua’s Jesuit Central American University announced the suspension of all their activities for children after a court ordered the forfeiture of their salaries and funds, accusing them of being a “terrorist center”. The Universidad Centroamericana serves as a center. terrorism, organized criminal groups”, the UCA said in a note, in reference to the 2018 anti-government protests in which more than 300 people were killed. It notified the measure: “It is ordered that all the bien To be considered (…) be in favor of the State of Nicaragua which will guarantee the continuity of all educational programs. Works to guarantee the educational continuity of undergraduate and postgraduate students of the extinct Universidad Centralamericana (UCA)” and is said to be “pending”. Call for renewal of activities. Catholic. Bishop Rolando Alvarez jailed since August 2022 He has been sentenced to 26 years in prison for undermining national integrity, among other charges. At least other priests have been jailed for general crimes. Regarding the seizure of Bien. “La Universidad Centroamericana suspends from today all academic and administrative activities until it is possible to resume them in a normal way, which will be communicated through the official communication channels of the university”, he added. Academic Center. The Central American provincial government of the Compañia de Jesús deemed the allegations against the UCA “completely false and baseless” and called on Managua to reverse the “harsh”. The Jesuit organization, headquartered in San Salvador, said in a statement. Assured, unexpected and unfair measures. Human rights and appears oriented to strengthen a totalitarian state. Founded in July 1960 by priests of the Compañia de Jesús, it has 5,000 students and defines itself as an “autonomous, non-profit educational institution of public service and Christian inspiration”. – Other Catholic universities – During the 2018 protests, the then rector of UCA, José Idiaquez, participated in the talks as director of the opposition coalition. Meetings with Govt. repression against the opposition. Nicaraguan authorities have closed the universities of the Archbishopric of Managua as well as nearly 3,000 government organizations as part of a tightening of laws following recent protests. In addition, hundreds of dissidents have been sent into exile and stripped of their benefits and their nationality. Many of these measures have been ordered by the courts, for which the international community condemns that justice in Nicaragua is at the service of Ortega’s government. In March, Pope Francis was “concerned” and “saddened” by the situation in Nicaragua, particularly by Bishop Álvarez and by the deportation of 222 dissidents to the United States. Furthermore, the Pontiff of Argentina recognized that there was a “Guaranga dictatorship” (grocera) in Nicaragua. Ortega replied shortly after assuring that a “mafia” was in charge of Escogar a los Popes and other Catholic hierarchs, and proposed that these were elected by popular vote. Subject to freezing of its bank accounts last week, it continued regular activities with enrollment of students for the new semester. De Empresas, Comunicación y Contaduria Publica. It also offers a number of postgraduate, including Master’s degrees in Business Administration and Management, Education and Learning, and specializations in Procedural Derecho. bur-fj/dga

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