Apps to improve daily habits at work and at home

Our habits determine our daily life. People have procedures to complete every task. Some patterns can be helpful, like taking breaks between tasks at work to feel refreshed. However, those same breaks can be useless if they are held online.

People often change their habits or try to change them. This is easier said than done because our habits are deeply rooted in our personality and although they control us, we are not fully aware of it. Luckily, some very effective habit tracker apps help break bad habits by setting goals to complete each day.

With these apps, your path to breaking your habits will be easier that will help you keep track of the goals you set for yourself. You can follow your progress so you know how you are doing. In other cases, applications and other methods may change the way certain tasks are performed.

Productive Habit Tracker

Time management has always been a problem for all of us. Many people think that there is not enough time today. Despite this, most stay in the office until late at night. They refuse to spend time with family and friends to keep up with their busy schedules.

Productive Habit Tracker it has a carefully designed yet simple interface that prioritizes ease of use. It is so arranged that you can start planning your habits as soon as you use it. Despite the simple design, the application has many features. When you start curbing your impulsive habits, the app will also help you track your progress. Your progress also motivates you.


What will you like habitat it’s how creative it is in helping you continue and maintain the good habits you have. Drawing inspiration from role-playing video games, Habitica levels up the custom avatar you create. As your avatar levels up, it acts as an incentive to keep you motivated as you continue to make progress.

So, uses application gamification to facilitate adaptation to new procedures. In addition to following them, with Habitica you can set up quests with your friends and then progress towards those quests by completing them. This makes the application no less fun than a video game. However, if video games are not to your liking, you should consider other options.


Application stripes created for encourage you to maintain a streak of good habits for 12 days. This makes it a fantastic tool for staying motivated and improving your habits. Its impressive design helped Streaks win the Apple Design Award. You can easily customize the interface to suit your tastes and preferences.

Except, Streaks is easy to integrate with the Health app, one of the most popular iOS apps.. Building healthy habits is easy when you use Streaks. In case you don’t reach any goal, a reminder will be sent to you so you can recharge your batteries and move on.


Behavioral economists from the prestigious Yale University are behind the development StickK. When you register, you sign a contract of obligation between you and the application that pushes you to achieve your goals. You can even bet some money on the likelihood that you will reach your goals.

This unique feature of making a contract to fulfill your obligations is great for keeping you motivated. The creation of StickK was based on extensive research. Thaler’s nudge theory is the basis for creating this app. The design is interesting and very attractive.

Other apps to change your routine

In addition to tracking habits or goals, many apps can help you reach specific goals.

  • Apps to save screen time. These apps are great if you want to spend less time scrolling through social media. Most smartphones may have built-in features to achieve this. However, you can also choose third-party options.
  • Make sure your devices are safe. You may have many habits when using a PC or smartphone. Most importantly, perform regular security checks and remove junk files.
  • Apps to reduce clutter on your device. Third-party apps or built-in features can help you delete old files or keep your desktop organized.
  • Make sure you are using secure internet connections. You can keep your internet traffic and data secure by downloading VPN apps. These tools encrypt your data and route it through secure servers. Thus, you will get more security and anonymity on the Internet.


In our busy daily lives, we often fall prey to bad habits. We need to think about strategies to deal with them. Habit tracking apps are very helpful to get rid of bad habits.. We can set goals that we can achieve over time to stay motivated. Use the suggested applications and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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