Anita reveals why she went more than a year without sex: ‘Exchanging energy with people takes a lot of work’ celebrities

Anita said that she spent almost a year without sex before she turned 30 after she changed her thinking about sex. The revelation was made to model Emily Ratajkowski on the podcast High Low, on Tuesday night (19).

“I always threw myself out and got involved with anyone. He said: ‘Let’s go have sex!’ And then something happened and I changed. I went about a year without sex, it was literally before I turned 30. Now it takes me a long time to achieve that level of intimacy with someone, no matter who it is. It takes a lot of effort to exchange energy with people,” she began.

“But, you can literally cross the street, and if you’re a nice person, I’ll talk to you. And if you like me, I will meet you. I don’t have those rules. There are people who have a lot, but I do not”, he said.

At another point, the presenter asked if the singer likes being single, and she guarantees that she doesn’t like it: “No, I don’t like being single. In fact, I don’t mind being single, I think it’s okay. I love being in my company but I also love being in a relationship. However, I don’t like it when it gets to the point where the relationship is no longer light.

Recently, rumors surfaced that the singer would be romancing Simone Susinna, actor of the film 365 Days. Apart from talking about her love life, Anita recalled a sad moment in her life when she was sexually abused when she was young.

“When I was a teenager, I went through a bad situation, I faced abuse. I lost my virginity to abuse and brought it up in my documentary as it was revealed. I had to understand that this would become public without my control and I thought, ‘I never told my family, but I didn’t want people to know about it from anyone else.’ If they want to find out, they can tell me. I hate it when they threaten me. If someone comes to threaten me, I respond and choose to do it in my own way”, he justified his decision.

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