Angels fanatics blame rapper Drake for Shohei Ohtani’s recent downfall

los angeles angels I decided not to exchange with the Japanese phenomenon Shohei Ohtani During the closing deadline of Cange, which came a week earlier. This decision effectively prevented the star angels If he moves to a team that will give him a chance to make the playoffs. Admittedly, the team seemed to actually reach the post-season, but recent results have made that all the more improbable.

For team fanatics, the broken suitcase began to make sense soon after the Canadian Drake appeared in public with a T-shirt on Shohei Ohtani, Apparently, the rapper is a big fan of Ohtani As anyone would do. But I wear this T-shirt knowing that fanatics consider it bad luck for the teams they support. If you don’t believe this theory, let us look at the numbers.

La Extrana split with Mala Angels by Shohei Ohtani

since Drake appeared in public with a T-shirt Shohei Ohtani, los angeles angels Have lost a total of 7 games in a row. Ohtani Has gotten 2-12 with 7K and 0 boosted races since this happened. This is very unusual for possibly the best two-way player in the history of modern baseball.

Drake You are already well known for your unsuccessful bets and your support of teams that are on the move. In fighting games, it is more than Drake He has lost millions of dollars by betting on the wrong fighter. Last weekend, I lost $250,000 betting Nate Diaz, it is likely that Drake You might have thought that you would lose this bet, but there is no confirmation of that.

in the midst of this recent mala surte para los angelinos, Shohei Ohtani After all, it is becoming clear that it is possible that Maidan will not reach the playoffs this season. If the suitcase keeps breaking, it is possible that it may not even reach Jonron D’s record. aaron judge From last season.

currently, Ohtani you have 40 jonrons, but a deficit angelinos However, he has 48 games in the regular season. Martyred later, they came face to face san francisco giants In the second of a three game series. Of course, this black curse is not real and Ohtani Might get a chance to break the record of aaron judge, can you Ohtani At least break its quadruple record mlb curse of Drake Will it affect this too?


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