According to AI, these are the most important video games in history.

Being able to determine which video games are the most important in history can be a really difficult task, but thanks to the revolutionary ChatGPT, it is possible to determine by various parameters who is eligible to enter the list of favorites. group.

To rank the top 5, the AI ​​chatbot app took into account various characteristics such as innovation, technological advances, gameplay, sales, success and acceptability in the gaming community, impact on its genre, cultural impact and relevance in the world. industry history.

Top 5 video games according to ChatGPT

1. Super Mario Bros (1985): The legendary Nintendo console game laid the foundation for modern video games, introduced new game mechanics, and became a benchmark in the industry. And, of course, it catapulted Mario to worldwide fame and elevated him to the status of a global cultural phenomenon.

2. Tetris (1984): Created by Alexey Pajitnov and released on multiple platforms, this puzzle game has revolutionized arcade games with its simplicity and addictive gameplay.

3. Pac-Man (1980): This classic popularized the maze genre and became a cultural phenomenon like no other. Its simplicity, iconic character design, and enduring influence make it a milestone in history.

4. Minecraft (2011): His creativity, open world, and active community of all ages have made Minecraft a cultural and educational phenomenon. Fact: Over 200 million copies have been sold worldwide.

5. Grand Theft Auto V (2013): Developed by Rockstar Games, it has set sales records and left an indelible mark on the industry. It offers a complex narrative, a detailed recreation of a fictional yet familiar city, and a wide range of activities for players to enjoy.

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