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Impact Travel includes visits to prestigious institutions such as Stanford, Berkeley, and Intel

4Heroes, the leader in science travel for teens, is redefining education by connecting learning with global opportunities, empowering youth to become visionary entrepreneurs. Since 2007, 4Heroes has dedicated its efforts to inspire students to become agents of change through an innovative educational project.

With a global presence and partnerships ranging from schools to influencers and YouTubers, 4Heroes is known for its holistic approach, which ranges from elementary to high school. Its academic program encourages creativity, entrepreneurship, scientific research, as well as moderation and socio-cultural intervention, in line with the Ministry of Education’s guidelines for secondary education.

During the holidays, 4Heroes delivers a unique program that promises to shape the professional trajectories of the young participants. This unique experience included visits to world-renowned institutions such as Stanford and Berkeley. On these visits, the students not only explored the facilities but also gained an in-depth understanding of the application and selection process at these elite institutions. Additionally, students got a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in Intel’s morning classes to hone their soft skills to better prepare them for future challenges.

The company’s mission is to prepare students to make a real impact on society and the economy. Through domestic and international travel, 4Heroes gives students the opportunity to experience diverse cultures and unique environments while developing a global and entrepreneurial mindset.

The learning program adopts a structured progression of challenges designed to equip students with fundamental skills such as value assessment, product costing and pricing strategies. Students are trained to explore the world of social media and understand the principles of entrepreneurship. Along with this, they are encouraged to engage in scientific research, especially in the field of abstinence and socio-cultural interventions through partnerships with NGOs, institutions and local communities in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). to promote. The company incorporates science and technology into social progress for the betterment of our society and nation.

Linking the academic environment with the professional world, 4Heroes takes an innovative approach by introducing entrepreneurship concepts from primary school. The goal is to provide students with a solid foundation for college admission with clarity about their goals, while giving importance to practical learning. It is no longer necessary to wait until graduation to understand how the job market works and gain insight into the outside world. 4Heroes is committed to breaking down the barriers between the education world and the marketplace, ensuring that students make a smooth transition and are prepared for the professional challenges that await them.

Follow 4Heroes’ inspiring initiatives on Instagram: @4heroes_co. Join us on this transformative journey of education and entrepreneurship!

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