What disease did Gabriel Soto suffer from? Grupo Milenio

famous actor Gabriel Soto confirmed in an interview that he would be forced quit acting sideways for a while due to suffering from two cervical hernia what you should pay attention to before thinking about pursuing your career.

First let’s start by understanding what it is cervical regionthe place where a hernia occurs is a bone or rather a row of bones that we have in the spine, to be a little clearer, the discs that we have from the neck to the back of the thigh are the cervical vertebrae.

However, hernia This happens when one of them receives any kind of damage such as a crack, wear or tear, they tend to become inflamed and cause pain if not treated quickly. This can be the result of spinal injuries which can cause small tears or cracks in the outer layer.

Although it is certainly a disease oftenWell it’s ok with age have wear and tear of the skeletal system, however, despite the presence of vertebrae throughout the back, hernias are much more likely to occur in the neck or waist.

What did Gabriel Soto say?

Gabriel Soto He is one of the most recognizable actors TV The Mexicana has stated that she will leave her profession because she has been suffering from an illness for some time and prefers to be treated before continuing her work.

The actor is known for his work in various successful soap operas on national television, including Love has come My way is to love you Force of destiny or Single with daughtersAlthough, of course, they do not make up even half of those that are in his career.

He is currently working on beat the blameHowever, it looks like this will be his last work, as he recently spoke about his future and what will happen to his career at this point in his life.

It was during the famous program Fat and skinny where Gabriel Soto confirmed what had been discussed for several days and that it would no doubt upset his followers at a time when the actor put his career on hold because, as he commented:

“I have two neck hernias so I go through the process of medication and more to avoid surgery. Let’s just say it’s not easy and not easy, I have full faith that I will get out of this and hopefully with the medication and the treatment I’m going through to move forward and be back very soon.”

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