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Adele is known for having a big heart for her fans when it comes to connecting with “emotions.” This is evidenced by his recent concert, where musicians and “The One and Only” Singer I had the opportunity to reveal the sex of an unborn child. What happened? The pop icon’s tears were noticed and her reaction went viral on social networks.

last concert of adele n Las Vegas, We, It was a sea of ​​emotions and happiness. She had already seen several couples’ marriage proposals and “Si, asepto” moments in her previous shows. However, this tender moment about a baby on the way managed to touch his heart deeply.

“It’s great…”

A few fans contacted Adele to share the news that Priest and Pidiorn would soon reveal the gender of the baby. “Antoines, Chantel and Chris are having a baby”The 35-year-old singer made a loud announcement while the crowd responded with screams and applause.

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“This is awesome! I’m so happy for you”, went on to win over 10 Grammy Awards. Before making the memorable revelation, Adele couldn’t contain her emotions and broke down in front of him, even apologizing to him.

,I feel a lot. That’s great…. Thank you, we will honor this honor”, shared Adele, who was clearly touched by the unexpected moment. Luego hugs the couple amid joy and well wishes: “Lesvet un gran viaje con un niño en camino”Les encomendo a los future daddies.

“Do you imagine teaching a video to a child when they grow up and decide: Adele reveals my gender?”, “Best possible revelation”, “She’s too human, too humble”, “Definitely, my queen is an angel”, “Dios mio, I’m mesmerized by Adele’s vibes”Some fans commented on the viral video on Tiktok and YouTube.

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