Travis Scott publishes ‘Sirens’ for a day: ‘Castellar’

north american rapper travis scott This Martes has been opened and published in Largometrje ‘Circus Maximus’where does the song appear ‘Siren’‘ which counts with the participation of the castellars of Villafranca. In the video, which runs for about another four hours, the words form part of the videoclip for another song: ‘Sirens’, where the singer can be seen taking part in a 4th of 9th poll with Lok. In the first moment, Scott dons the Castellan clothes, and becomes the part of ‘Cola’. Its members’ first aircraft and the Terraco Arena Plaza (TAP) stand outside, housing the various ‘colleges’ of Terraco who also collaborated.

Enchanted by ‘Castells’

This song is part of your new album.utopia‘ and it has also been published later as a separate video clip and has already been viewed over 120,000 times.

The race took place last July 2, with Scott himself attending about 300 people, including members of Los Verdes and other ‘calls’. The project’s executive producer, Laura Serra of Canada Company, explained that the idea of ​​recording with Castellers came from the rapper himself, Thrilled by “human towers” being built in Catalunya

Upon receipt of the fee, Canada contacted the Castellars of Villafranca, who then arrived, and the flight was organized by TAP. On the other hand, the video shows raperos in other Catalan locations, notably in the Ciutat Meridiana in Barcelona; El Hospital del Torrax in Terrassa and Can Cuias in Montcada.


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