Tom Hanks rescues Austin Butler from depression after “Elvis” offered him the protagonist of his new series

The film explores the life and music of Elvis Presley (Butler) and his complicated relationship with his mysterious agent, Colonel Tom Parker (Hanks).

Method acting in Hollywood is a topic that is as controversial as it is fascinating, with consequences that can range from depression to depression, as was the case with Adrien Brody. Pianistunless it leads to death, as was the case with Heath Ledger after interpreting the Joker el caballero oscuro, anxiety is so real Austin Butler began recording the series los amos del air ,Masters of the Air) immediately after filming ElvisTo avoid plunging into the great emotional breakdown that led him to become the King of Rock.

Last year, the actor had announced to the magazine QA who lost all notion of who he was during the filming of the film, as it took three years of his life. His family did not recognize him, adopted the musician’s southern accent, and was even hospitalized. He commented, “My last day on set, I woke up in the morning with excruciating pain and in the emergency I was diagnosed with a virus that looked like appendicitis.”

Austin Butler’s performance in the Elvis Presley biopic was praised by critics, earning him an Oscar nomination in the Best Actor category. (Warner Bros.)

the second interview i gave recently london timeAfter this experience, he mustered up the courage to ask the film’s director, Baz Luhrmann, for advice. your answer? “Dedicate to something else”. Tom HanksThe actor, who played Colonel Tom Parker in the same feature film, supported the warning and expressed concern, saying: “You have immersed yourself so much in this that it would be wise for your mental health to involve yourself in another project. If you jump off the train now, you might get emotional shock, and, you know, I have a proposal about this other thing I’m building.

This “other thing” was nothing more than a hero los amos del airfiction also produced by Steven Spielberg, which is part of a trilogy about World War II that includes band of Brothers or Calmness, Now, in addition to joining the cast, Butler prepares to premiere a new miniseries on Apple TV+ The Dunes: Part 2With Timothée Chalamet, Florence Pugh and Zendaya.

In the sequel to “Dune,” Austin Butler plays a Machiavellian, ruthless, strategic and narcissistic antagonist. (Warner Bros.)

Butler’s transformation into villainous Fayed-Routha in the sequel Dune Will be able to see it in theaters on 3rd November this year, while the release is coming to an end los amos del air In Apple TV+ Even then it is uncertain. For now, the biopic Elvis available in hbo max,

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