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Directed by Tom Harper, the film is headed by one of the stars of the DC Universe.

The world’s most powerful artificial intelligence is called Heart, This device is very special, it predicts the movements of people and also helps in neutralizing threats on a global scale. An elite agent must embark on a dangerous mission to prevent a valuable device from falling into the wrong hands.

That’s it agent stone, one of Netflix’s last great releases. This high-octane action thriller is directed by Tom Harper and stars Gal Gadot and Jamie Dornan. This classy production is the film that continues to dominate the ‘streaming’ platform’s top 10, as it has held the number one position since its premiere on 11 August.

hero of agent stone Rachel (Gadot) is an agent of a mysterious and dark group of spies. charter, His mission is to keep the peace and his most important asset is his heart, which can control any threat. But things get complicated when you enter the game kya dhawan, who plays Alia Bhatt: who seeks to find and control the heart. Can Rachel stop him?

agent stone Inspired by famous action sagas like Impossible Goal or James Bond, Netflix has produced a lot of action ‘thriller’ movies in the past with people who want to start their own franchises. One of them is Invisible Agent, which will hit the streaming platform in 2022 and its sequel has already been confirmed.

Adrenaline ‘Agent Stone’, Netflix’s secret weapon for this summer: “You can’t avoid being a product of the world around you”

Another title of this genre that Netflix has developed red AlertMovie starring Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson and Gadot. red Alert became the most popular movie on Netflix and, until its closure, Bad view of the history of ‘streaming’ platforms,

This is how the actress who breathed life into Wonder Woman dc universe The summation of the best productions on Netflix. Now it’s time to see if something will be made of both the sagas or not. Currently, it has two sequels red Alert in development. face to face agent stoneStill you are ready to know something.

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