The T-shirt against The Rock that John Cena hid from WWE

All of them wwe universe Wondering when The Rock will appear again on Raw, SmackDown or premium live events, A look at NXT, NXT Level Up or Main Event. That’s all, with one necessary clarification: physically. yes i want to be with you too many ghosts are visible through this titantron, which are always celebrated but cannot be compared when they present themselves in some field. But today we woke up to those same things, as well as his rivalry with John Cena.

► John Cena’s shirt

John Cena and his T-shirt against The Rock

Miantras rivaled La Roca, to chew I’ve always criticized him for abandoning WWE in favor of Hollywood, which I’ve had to backtrack on doing so myself, and within that abandonment he’s made occasional appearances on the big screen for weekly shows or premium events, whatever. We were through satellite it can also be decided how. Then, the 16-time World Champion presented a shirt on Raw make fun of that saying “I Get It Via Satellite”,

The question before us now is Cena did not inform anyone in the company that he was going to submitAt least Brian Gewirtz, then screenwriter and currently senior vice president of development at Dwayne Johnson’s film production company Seven Bucks Productions.

“Throughout the whole thing between The Rock and Cena, The scene is left and I haven’t told myself or anyone who made a shirt that said ‘I bring it via satellite’Which I showed live on air. Luego, please, rolled it into a ball and When I came back, threw it in my face with all my might behind the screen, while I was sitting with audio speakers. But it was like a message that we were in a kind of war/fight/whatever. You have to do what is necessary to survive.

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